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   We are a local e-cigarette brand with a wide range of products from the world's best manufacturers, where you can buy not only the latest devices, high-end e-liquids, various accessories needed for high-quality steaming, but also a wide range of DIY components. -for making liquid at home.

    We also offer you more than 100 different flavors of Sugar Baron DIY (do it yourself)  in small 30 ml and large 65 ml kits for fast e-liquid preparation. When purchasing a set of small and easy-to-use ingredients, our vendors will advise you on how to mix it yourself to obtain an e-liquid for immediate use. The whole process will only take you a few minutes.

     The Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia has confirmed our invention by including it in the Patent Register.

     In cooperation with Max Supereme, we have created a mechanical mode from oak ,  who has received a response not only from us,  but also in Europe.

     It is important to us that customers in our stores feel cozy, comfortable, relaxed and after communication with our employees have chosen the right product for them, as well as found answers to all the questions they are interested in.

     Since the opening of the first Vape Shop in the Baltics in Riga, Kr.Barona Street 40, until now, we have been actively following all the innovations of the industry in order to continuously supplement our product range and advise our customers on news.


     See you!

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